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Matt Long Mind and Body Clinic in Bury St Edmunds - Hypnotherapy

"Take the first step to a better future for your Mind and Body"

Matt Long Mind & Body Clinic 

Welcome to Matt Long Mind and Body in Bury St Edmunds.

I offer a range of Sports and Remedial Massage, Hypnotherapy and Medical Acupuncture services from my Suffolk clinic. You can book easily online HERE.

Finding Solutions to Anxiety and Stress

Join my Anxiety and Stress Break Through System 6 week online course for a comprehensive solution to managing stress and anxiety in your life. Find out more HERE.

Matt Long Mind and Body Massage Therapy

Massage Therapist 

I am a fully qualified Advanced Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist & Medical Acupuncturist. I’ve also been trained in Osteopathic Spinal Manipulation™, Osteopathic Articulation™, Kinesio Sports Taping and Reflexology. 

Matt Long Mind and Body - Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy can help with any problem you're finding hard to handle on your own. Thoughts and actions you'd like to banish or acquire, or emotional suffering that is too overwhelming or has gone on for too long. 


I'm Matt Long, a qualified Advanced Soft Tissue Therapist (Clinical Sports & Remedial Massage), Advanced Medical Acupuncturist & Hypnotherapist. Also trained in Osteopathic Spinal Manipulation & Articulation.

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Life & Business Coach

I am a Life and Business Coach. I put the two together because your business is your life and your life is your business. Together we can find health, wealth and happiness in all areas of your life.

Matt Long Mind and Body Hypnotherapy
Anxiety and Stress Break Through System Course

Anxiety and Stress Break Through System

The Anxiety and Stress Break Through System gives you a step-by-step process to vanquish Anxiety and Stress and give you the confidence to be the person you want to be.

You will be given an abundance of amazing tried and tested tools that have been proven to combat Anxiety and Stress. The 6 week online course will also enable you to deal with any future anxiety and stress by showing you how to recognise it, and eliminate it. So that you can live a much happier and contented life. Click below to discover more or watch the introduction video HERE.

Client Reviews

"Matt is an understanding and effective massage therapist. He is also wonderfully human and gives complete holistic care and understands that life happens!" 


"I went to see Matt for hypnotherapy to quit smoking and I have not had a cigarette since my one and only session with him. Would highly recommend. Thank you again."


"Matt has helped me out so much, he really does care about his clients. I suffer from anxiety and he has helped me have a positive outlook on life and the future."