Thank You..

Thanks for taking the time and making the commitment to participate in full and complete the Anxiety and Stress Break-Through Course Weekly Self-Analysis.


I've allocated 30 minutes of my time to speak with you.

I value our time VERY SERIOUSLY and when we're together mapping out your future - You'll have my full 100% undivided attention.


Please Ensure

- You will be at a place that's distraction-free
- You'll be in front of a computer
- You'll take notes


The second thing that will really help us kick things off for you is if you

Prepare for me a snapshot of where you are in your life and a synopsis of where you want to be 3 months, 6 months and 1 year from now.


The third thing to have in mind is..

Your number one biggest challenge when it comes to breaking the status quo. What's holding you back the most?

I'm 100% confident that as I get to know you and give you a strategic implementation plan on what you can do to step into your purpose and create change. Whether or not I have the ability to work with you or not, I'll give you solid feedback, and provide clarity on how to SURVIVE these challenging times.


©2021 by Matt Long Mind and Body

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